FCP Lanolin Skincare Cream

FCP Lanolin Skincare Cream

Lanolin (a.k.a. wool fat or wool grease) is the oily secretion from the skin of the sheep that becomes trapped in the sheep’s wool. The purpose of lanolin is to condition and protect sheep’s wool. This oily secretion is similar to human sebum, an oil secreted by the sebaceous glands that you may notice particularly on your nose.

During Spring clipping, once the wool is shorn, it is then washed in hot water with a special wool scouring detergent to remove wool grease (crude lanolin), dirt, sweat salts, and anything else that is stuck to the wool. The centrifugation process then follows in order to separate the lanolin oil from other chemicals and debris. Therefore, the extraction of lanolin is animal cruelty-FREE.

Lanolin is classified as an occlusive moisturiser. It is an excellent option for sealing moisture into the skin. This reduces the skin’s overall moisture loss.

Generally speaking, crude lanolin is too thick and too greasy to be applied regularly on our skin. FCP Lanolin Skincare Cream is formulated by a pharmacist with added Lanolin Anhydrous USP 93 on top of other carefully selected ingredients in order to provide your skin with optimum hydration and skin-repairing function.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a quality skincare cream without the hefty price tag. We are proud to say that we have been staying true to this principle by offering a reachable pricing level since its inception.

We work closely with the manufacturing company that is committed to full compliance with the Australian Standards. Their modern facility meets the most stringent Quality Assurance and Regulatory Standards by the Australian Government. Complying with these standards means that our manufacturing partner can confidently guarantee the quality of our lanolin products in every single batch.

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