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    Steps to Upload Your Prescription:

    1. Scan or Photograph: Ensure your prescription is clearly legible. Use a scanner or take a high-resolution photograph.
    2. Upload: Click on the ‘Choose File’ button below to select and upload your prescription image or PDF file.
    3. Review & Submit: Double-check your details and the uploaded file to ensure all details are cprrect, then click ‘Submit’.
    4. Wait for Confirmation: Once we receive your prescription, our team of qualified pharmacists will review it. You’ll receive a un update from us once it’s approved, along with any next steps or recommendations.
    5. Receive Medications: After confirmation, your medicines will be ready for pickup or delivery based on your preference.

    Safety & Privacy Assured:
    We understand the importance of your personal health information. Rest assured, our online platform ensures your prescription and personal details are kept confidential.

    Need Assistance?
    If you encounter any issues or have queries, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team. We’re here to help!

    Note: Uploading prescriptions online is compliant with Australian pharmacy and health regulations. Ensure your prescription is valid and prescribed by a certified healthcare professional in Australia.

    Thank you for choosing Caring Pharmacy. We’re committed to serving you with the best in healthcare services.

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