What is an Electronic Prescription?

Electronic Prescription (eScript) is currently available as a “token”. The “token” refers to a unique QR code that will be given to you by your Doctor, either via email, SMS or printed on paper.

At Fremantle Central Pharmacy, we are able to accept your eScript “token” for dispensing.

  1. If an electronic prescription is issued by your doctor, a “token” will be sent to your mobile phone or email. If you have multiple prescriptions, you will receive a separate “token” for each script.​​
  2. ​Present your “token” to one of our friendly pharmacists at Fremantle Central Pharmacy. Our pharmacist will then scan the “token” in order to proceed with your eScript dispensing.
  3. Once your eScript is filled, that particular “token” will no longer be valid. If you do have any repeat(s) left, a new SMS or email will be sent to you which can be dispensed upon your next visit.

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