The popularity of nutritional supplements in Australia has increased steadily over time as people realise that their poor eating habits and busy lifestyle means they may not be getting the full suite of nutrients that their bodies need.

As a result there has been enormous growth in the range of supplements available to consumers. While the range of supplements available on the market is very large, as with medications, commercially available supplements also have limitations.

No two people are alike as far as their nutritional needs are concerned and at some point the supplements available on the market will not suit everyone.

This is where the nutritional compounding service at Fremantle Central Pharmacy is well placed to meet your individual needs. Whether you require vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal products and sports supplements, we can compound supplements that are tailored to your needs.

Fremantle Central Pharmacy can compound nutritional supplements at the request of your general practitioner or specialist, nutritionist, dietitian, or you may have identified your own preferences. Please come into the pharmacy and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff.

Below are some examples of the approach that we’ve taken to improve individual’s supplement programs:

  • Changing the flavour of nutritional supplements.
  • Combining as many as 10 nutrients or minerals into one capsule (commonly known as “Poly-pill”) resulting in better compliance by the patient.
  • Preparing nutritional supplements in commercially unavailable dosages or formulations (e.g. increase or decrease dose, dosing on a mg/kg basis, slow-release).
  • Preparing of the nutritional supplements for pets (e.g. fish or beef flavoured multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for cats).
  • Removing unnecessary or unwanted ingredients (e.g. fillers, binders, sugars, starch, artificial colours or preservatives).

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