Welcome to our Compounding Lab

At Fremantle Central Pharmacy, we care about your wellness. Our compounding laboratory allows us to meet your specific health needs and provide solutions not easily met by commercial products. Our team of compounding pharmacists is passionate about improving your treatment options and health requirements. We have offered specialised compounding services to the Perth community and beyond.

In 2014, we were one of the first few compounding pharmacies in Western Australia to invest in a RAMTM (Resonant Acoustic Mixer) machine to allow the thorough mixing of ingredients. This good manufacturing practice provides you with the best quality in compounded medicine and sets us apart from other compounding pharmacies.

We offer products that are consistent with excellent quality, and will continually work with you, your doctor, and your health practitioners to improve the outcome of your health and well-being. Our dedicated compounding team has over 10 years of experience in specialised compounding solutions, ensuring a seamless process of ordering and making unique medications and supplements. Talk directly with our compounding pharmacists about your medicine and health needs at Fremantle Central Pharmacy.

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