Back in May 2002, the pharmacist owner, Mr. Howe Boon Lok (known as Lok) took over the ownership of Fremantle Central Pharmacy when it was located along Adelaide Street in Fremantle, Western Australia. When the lease of the premise was up for renewal in November 2002, Lok decided to relocate the pharmacy business to a better location on the corner of Cantonment and Queen Streets, Fremantle. Since then, our team at Fremantle Central Pharmacy worked tirelessly to offer our best service as well as excellent value to our loyal customers. This led to the creation of our pharmacy’s motto “Great Service + Great Value”.

It is our team spirit to constantly better ourselves in what we do so that we can bring our pharmacy business to the next level. With this culture in mind, in 2013 after being introduced to integrative medicine and growing patient demand for non-ready prepared medicines, Fremantle Central Pharmacy became a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA). We expanded the premise and built a brand new compounding laboratory fully dedicated to compounding.

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